Every Vote Counts

Today, November 8th is the day where Americans all over the country are able to decide on their next president. In this democracy state what we, the people, want is very crucial to how America will be able to thrive.... Continue Reading →


Life Happens

I love the way how babies laugh at every, little thing. With a simple peek-a-boo, laughter fills the room with warmth and love. Babies have no care for the world. They just let life happens, just how it has and... Continue Reading →


Korean Barbeque is one of the best foods to eat either during lunch and or dinner. During cooler days, the warmth of the fire placed below the grill warms your cheeks. The myriad of choices to choose from the All... Continue Reading →

Cold Chocolate

As the holiday season approaches, the weather becomes cooler and the sky becomes gloomier. On days like this, a hot cup of hot chocolate would be a treat.

Trick or Treat

I love Halloween. It is the only holiday where anyone can dress up as anything they want and not be judged. In addition to that, taking long walks at night as candy awaits is the most satisfying feeling. Who could... Continue Reading →

Live as if There is No Tomorow

There are a myriad of events that can affect an individual’s life from the time he or she is born until the day he or she disappears from the face of the earth. The past sixteen years of my life... Continue Reading →


As you grow older, it is harder to manage your health. Homework, school, studying, other extra curricular activities, and most importantly eating breakfast can take up lots of time within your life. Without breakfast, one will be very exhausted and will be unable to... Continue Reading →


I love the Autumn. Trees become darker, leaves fall gently onto the floor, and the air begins to get colder. Autumn is the season of transition from summer to winter. As the weather changes, many begin to pile clothes onto... Continue Reading →

Paint Your Life

As an open, blank, white canvas stares at you, your mind ponders of what to do with the thin, small, light paint brush. Just like how a canvas is, our lives are just like that open, blank, white canvas. The... Continue Reading →

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