On November 27, 2013 the fate of millions changed within a second as small storm approached them. This storm that was neglected by many and soon became the largest storm in history. Also known as Typhoon Haiyan, this storm quickly approached them. Families, friends, and loved ones were forced to flee their homes in terror.

Consequently, storms will come and go just like how conflicts in our lives will. Before a sunny day, a storm will suddenly appear and that storm will causes many distress, fear, and despair. About two months ago, a person whom I had cherished so much vanished before my eyes. This person was not only a teacher to me, but a person whom I had respected and looked up to. He was a person with many achievements, training the Olympics team for taekwondo, the body guard of the president of Vietnam, and a master to those who wanted to excel in taekwondo.

On the last day that I had seen him, he smiled gracefully as he excused all his students from taekwondo practice. Little did I know, that would be the last time I would ever see him again. As I went outside, the sweat dripping down my face began to cool as the wind pressed against my face. following me, my sister insisted that we should properly greet our master before we leave. In my mind, I thought that greeting him before we leave would not do much for he is busy speaking to another parent. In addition, my sister and I would come back to taekwondo after two weeks. 186045-004-d8c37f4d

However, a couple days later one of my friends posted a picture on snapchat saying, “you are in a better place now and we will miss you.” As soon as I saw this, I tried to comfort him asking if he was okay and who it was. My friend, Jason, asked me if he could call me and within seconds he informed me that our taekwondo master had passed away. At first when I heard that notice, I did not believe the words Jason had just told me. I thought that he was being sarcastic or was joking but he was n0t. Suddenly my legs weakened causing me to crash onto the floor. Tears uncontrollably flooded my eyes as it began to stream down my face. Not knowing what to do, my phone dropped onto the floor as I ran to my sister. During this moment, I thought that everything  was all just a dream and that nothing was in reality.

The storm in this case, was the message of my taekwondo master whom had passed away. It was unexpected and I did not know that he would suddenly pass away. I never even had the chance to tell him even the simple words of

“Thank you.”


During taekwondo my taekwondo master would always smile at us and encourage us to do better. Whenever I sprained my ankle, he would carry me into the office to crack my ankle. I know as crazy as it seems, my ankle heals each time I had sprained it. Little did my taekwondo friends and I knew, he had been fighting cancer for two years without telling anyone. Everyone was speechless, his family, friends and students all had nothing to say. After he passed away, I realized how selfish I was and that he was in pain more than any of us were. When my I sprained my ankle or cracked my neck, I would cry, but the person that was in actual pain was him.

Life is a precious gift and sometimes we take life for granted. Many of us do not realize how important the people around us are and what they do for us. Often times, we think about ourselves and not about those who have been suffering. The unexpected storm came and it led many into tears. However, just like they say,

“After every storm comes a rainbow.”


Although my taekwondo master is not present with us till this day, we are able to keep him alive in our hearts. His death will not go to waste for we have become so  much closer to one another and has made us into a stronger person. Just like Typhoon Haiyan, thousands of homes have been destroyed but that did not stop many from becoming happy. This storm may have destroyed the things in our lives that were important to us but it has made many of us into a stronger person. Thus, we should cherish those who are important around us because we will never know when we will ever lose that person.