ring, ring, ring the bell rung as we rushed outside to take our fifteen minute break. the air was cool, laughter filled the playground, and not a single person was left out. that was how things were supposed to be, at least it used to. as many of us age, we forget how we once used to swing on the swings, bond over a simple game of uno, or even get excited when playing four square with our friends. stress, depression, and anxiety was never an issue that was displayed. smiles were on every face with no room for sadness or fakeness. there was no reason to hide in the dark and keep your feelings hidden. this was a time of peace, content, and satisfaction. however, those connections, happiness, and creativity begins to diminish as we slowly age. as society progresses, school holds many of us captive in our rooms as we suffer from stress and anxiety while finishing up essays or math problems. with this, sleep is scarce and many do not have the time to spend outside anymore.

“Childhood has turned from a time of freedom to a time of resume building.”

a time where creativity was once sparked lead to new innovations where children were able to improvise which developed life skills so that these children would be able to learn how to communicate and interact with those around them so that they would be able to open up new doors and have new learning experiences where they will be able to use in the future; however schools prevents children from playing and exploring new depths in which they have never experienced before due to the high standards given to these students so that they must compete to get an A in the class, high scores on SAT, and extracurriculars that were forced upon them in order to achieve happiness.


continuing down this road would not alleviate this problem, but exacerbate it. the educational system must look deeper into the issue and see that every children needs a chance to explore their gifts. not one child is the same as the other. each and every person is created differentally with different gifts that are possessed. where creativity is lost, these students would not know what happiness really is. they wouldn’t know how to communicate and to trust people around them. today, many suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety due to various factors. as a child, play is essential for students to be able to develop life skills. when those skills are taken away from them, society is blamed for their system. trust issues arise, the ability to interact with one another diminishes, and all is lost.

I Just Sued the School System

all over the world, children will one day become the next generation that would lead to new innovations. the world has progressed and we need people to think independently, critically, creatively, and innovately. in the past, school was a lot shorter with less homework and more time for play. school was never an issue until play was taken away from students all over the world. schools should be able to find a remedy for the problem they have caused. even with just a few hours less of school would help improve the minds of those who are young. with days like Global Play Day helps remind students what happiness is and what fun meant to them instead of studying all day. with happiness comes with success and with just a few less hours of homework, society would not only excel but create a warmer society.