I love the way how babies laugh at every, little thing. With a simple peek-a-boo, laughter fills the room with warmth and love. Babies have no care for the world. They just let life happens, just how it has and will be. There is never darkness and rain in their eyes, for they view life as a beautiful thing. Although when times are a bit rough, they might fall and tear up a little, but they will quickly stand up and start laughing again.  As one grows, obstacles arise and everything depends on his or her words and actions. Happiness is harder to express as anxiety, sadness, and fear approaches.

During this month of November, many seniors all over the country prepare for the upcoming school they have applied for. Anxiety fills their thoughts as sweat pours down their face. Questions arise about their dream school and their set plan on how they want to start their life. During the journey in High School, many struggled with sleep deprivation to earn the grades that they want and to retrieve a high school on their ACT and SAT. There are no other paths to go on if they do not get into the school of their dreams.

However, sometimes life does not happen how we would want it to be. There will always be obstacles that will black our paths and sometimes it is just better t0 find a different route. With these highs and lows, our decisions make us who we will become.  As my English teacher, Mr. Theriault, have said,

“Your college is where you go, not who, or what you will be.”

School is only a place where we learn and thrive in order to achieve our goals. If we are unable to go to the school of our dreams, it is not the end of the world. The school that we go to does not determine who we are as a person and what our potentials are. In fact, many famous and successful people did not even go to universities or have a masters in their field. There are so many other opportunities to achieve our goals and it is all about where we end up, not where we start. Just like the baby, we should not care too much about where we will go to school to in the future. Yes, school may be important for our career, but there are other schools that will help us achieve our dreams. Schools like Yale, Stanford, and Harvard may look good and fun to go to, but there are so any competition. School is a lot harder at those schools than other community schools, cal-states, and other universities. It is not worth it to suffer another four plus years just studying. While growing older, we should experience more things around us and focus on what makes us happy instead of what we are not capable of doing. Let life happen and enjoy it as it is because everything happens for a reason.