Korean Barbeque is one of the best foods to eat either during lunch and or dinner. During cooler days, the warmth of the fire placed below the grill warms your cheeks. The myriad of choices to choose from the All You Can Eat Menu floods your eyes.


The restaurant Gen, is home to all of the All You Can Eat Lovers of barbequed meat and seafood. Although this restaurant requires work to grill, you can adjust the fire as to how cooked you want the meat or seafood to be. Some like meat fully cooked, while others like their meat slightly raw. Thus, this restaurant is beneficial to both parties. In addition, Gen also gives accommodations, also known as “side dishes”, in order to enhance the taste of the barbeque.


In addition to the accommodations and the barbeque, there are also desserts. One of the most popular desserts that Gen has are ice cream macaroons. What these macaroons are is ice cream in between layers of macaroon. The various types of ice cream macaroon flavors are: mango, green tea, strawberry, and coffee.


I would recommend this restaurant to all because the service is great, cheap prices for its food quality, and the galore of All You Can Eat.