There are a myriad of events that can affect an individual’s life from the time he or she is born until the day he or she disappears from the face of the earth. The past sixteen years of my life was a sweet dream until a mere event turned my life upside down.

As a child, my grandma was my everything. When my parents were not around due to work, she would reluctantly take care of me with the warmest smile spread across her face. My grandma and I have done so many things together: from playing with barbies to going on food adventures in Bolsa. When times were hard, my grandma would embrace me, ensuring me that everything will soon be okay. When I got hurt, she would cheer me up, relieving the pain. When I was lonely, my grandma would stand by my side making me feel loved and supported. My grandma was not only my family, she was like a friend who was there for me during my highs and lows.


My life had always been a dream; it has always been filled with an immense amount of love from those around me. I could not have asked for better family or friends. I would not have traded those around me for anyone else. Although my life went well, I underestimated myself and I learned about the meaning of life the hard way.

I received a phone call from my dad that evening, alerting me that my grandma was in the ICU. Realizing that something had happened to my grandma, my family and I rushed to the hospital. As I walked towards the room where my grandma was residing, tears streamed down my face. Although I did not want to approach my grandma with a face like this, my tears were uncontrollable for I did not want anything to happen to her. While speaking to the doctor, he informed us that she will be okay in a couple days. In her room, I hugged her goodbye promising her that I would visit her the next morning.

Little did I know, my grandma slipped into a coma shortly after I had left the hospital. On the following day, my family and I went to visit her and the doctor told us that something had suddenly happened and that they did not know why she was the way she was. He stated that there was no hope left and that she did not have that much time left. Striding across the cold, hospital floors, I shivered at the thought of how life would be without my grandma. Beep, Beep, Beep, the heart monitor slowly went off rhythm, until it reached a complete stop. Grasping my grandma’s hands, I was speechless. I could not think. The only things that were running through my mind were the things that my grandma and I were supposed to do and the promise I made to her.

Everything was gone; the person whom I had cherished the most, vanished before my eyes. My grandma had passed away and I could not even tell her what I wanted to tell her the most, which was the simple phrase of

“ I love You”.

Life has many obstacles that everyone must deal with and conquer as he or she lives. For me, I learned that lesson the hard way. Death is inevitable and we will never know when our loved ones will pass away or disappear from us. While living, we must live life to the fullest, as if there is no tomorrow. We should love and cherish those who are important to us, because we will never know when we will lose them.