As an open, blank, white canvas stares at you, your mind ponders of what to do with the thin, small, light paint brush. Just like how a canvas is, our lives are just like that open, blank, white canvas. The paintbrush resembles our actions and choices that we make everyday. With each decision, comes an action. Life is full of unexpected events with smiles as well as tears. Like our parents have taught us when we were young, we must learn and differentiate between the right and the wrong. As we age, we become more experienced and more knowledgeable about the people around us, the places around us, and the decisions we have to make. Every second, a new decision is made and with that decision, our life is painted on our canvas. Our choices determine our own actions and how we want to control our own lives.

With more choices comes responsibility.

Many say that they do not have a choice and they are forced to live in the way they are. In reality, everyone does have a choice and it just depends if you are willing to make a decision to change for the better or the worse. There are many who suffer through so much during their childhood and feel as if they have no choice but to live in the way they have been living. What they do not know is that everyday is a new day and that they have the chance to become someone new and try things that they have always wanted to. We do not have to be trapped in a box by what others tell us or say. Forget, forgive, and love.

As we age, responsibilities will flood in. Your choices will affect those whom you cherish around you, your children, and your own life. You can be anything you want based on your decisions. Yes, there are good and bad decisions and those decisions will affect you in an either positive or negative way. Do not hold back, but paint your life through the choices you have made.