Death is inevitable. We will eventually leave this earth and there is no way of escaping. Live and love those whom we cherished around us because one day, we will never know when we will lose that person. Life is too short to hate and to live in the past. Forgive and forget because with all that weight on our shoulders, we will only waste time on useless things. We only have one life and we should live that life to its fullest.

Live as if there is no tomorrow.

A year ago, I lost someone whom I had cherished so dearly. My grandma, whom I had spent my whole life with passed away right before my eyes. As I ran to her side, the heart monitor went off. In that moment I could not think of anything else but of the promise I made with her. The promise of staying by her side vanished with the words “I love you” left unsaid.

As months slowly passed, I learned how to appreciate the people around me more. My friends, family, and those whom had stayed by my side all these years were still here for me comforting me when times were rough. Although my grandma is no longer here with me, she would have wanted me to be happy. The people whom I love are still here and I should treat them as if there is no tomorrow. We will never know when the next person will pass away. Life is full of crazy adventures but as we live we should not be held back by our past. Instead we should use that past to become a better person and to treat those who are precious to us with love and care.