Everything we have ever liked was something that we have never tried before. Although we may not realize, if we have never ever tried and experienced new things, then how will we ever know if we actually like this “thing” or not. Everyone starts off not knowing what he or she likes until he or she has seen, heard, and felt what it was like to be in the presence of this new “thing”. Just like learning how to play an instrument, the piano resembles a new language where one has no knowledge of how to play or utilize. When I was young, I was forced to play the piano because my parents thought that it would be help me develop skills. At first I rejected the idea of learning how to play the piano, but my mom insisted,

“How do you know if you have never tried?”.

     Speechless and the daughter I was, I decided to try learning how to play the piano so that it would please my mom, making her happy. Eight years have passed by and I am still striving to become a better pianist. Through learning how to play the piano, I have met friends whom I will cherish forever, skills that will help me later in life, and a hobby that resembles what I love and who I am. Thus, if I have never tried new things, then I would not have loved playing the piano till this day. In the beginning, it is hard to accept and try new things, but as one grows he or she may come to love this new “thing” she or he has never experienced before.