Burnette woman blowing nose into tissue

The feeling of being sick is not the best feeling anyone would want to experience. Every time I am sick, I feel so exhausted and drowsy. Oh wait, and the worse part is having to drink the grape favored medicine. Ugh I know how you all feel, so I have found some helpful tips in having to use one less tissue.

1. Grab a tissue instead of sniffling all day

Yes, I know that while in class or work you don’t want to disturb others around you, but you must. Did you know that the more often you blow your nose, the more mucus will clear as well as making it easier to breathe.

2. Gurgle salt and water

Have you grandparents or someone around you say ” gurgle salt and water, it really helps.” Well turns out that they are actually true, so you might want to listen to them. Gurgling salt and water not only kills bacteria in your throat, it also clears out the mucus.

3. Drink Loads of water and don’t skip meals

Drinking water will keep you hydrated, believe it or not it helps you become more energized. Also, eating more meals will give you nutrients to fight off your cold.

4. Take your medication

Many people don’t believe in taking medication because it causes your immune system to become ” weak”. Well, medication doesn’t. It actually makes you become stronger and helps fight off the bacteria invading your body.

I know that you have probably heard these tips before, but these tips actually help you become well instantly. Hope this works!