Due to many concerns on how going to the gym can make you become healthier, I decided to randomly interview a person on the streets. Randomly, I found Carla and had asked her a few questions. Carla has been going to the gym for quite some time and wants to share her experience with us.

          Here are some of the questions she had answered with her opinions.

Me: Where do you work out on your free time?

Carla: To maintain a healthy body, I go to 24 hour fitness.

Me: About how many times do you go a week?

Carla: I try to go everyday right before work.

Me: How many years have you been going to the gym for?

Carla: I have been going for about five years now.

Me: Do you think the Gym is a healthy way of maintaining a healthy life?

Carla: Yes. At first I thought that working out was a waste of time and didn’t help much, but now my mind had completely changed. If I didn’t work out, I would not have the body that I have right now.

          According to the interview with Carla, she had spoke about how going to the gym was a healthy choice. There are many people out there who was like Carla, but only needs to realize that it takes step by step to get the healthy life that you have dreamed of.