After Every Storm Comes a Rainbow

On November 27, 2013 the fate of millions changed within a second as small storm approached them. This storm that was neglected by many and soon became the largest storm in history. Also known as Typhoon Haiyan, this storm quickly approached them.... Continue Reading →


Time of Freedom to a Time of Resume Building

ring, ring, ring the bell rung as we rushed outside to take our fifteen minute break. the air was cool, laughter filled the playground, and not a single person was left out. that was how things were supposed to be,... Continue Reading →

Chains of Slavery

How Does Humanity’s Greatest Gift of Life Cause so Much Suffering? Life is a precious gift that has brought many of us into this world. From all over across the globe, different ethnicities, cultures, and lifestyles help make each and... Continue Reading →

Charismatic Retreat

Last year, I went on a charismatic retreat with my church during the few months before becoming confirmed. This event was one of the most life changing events of my entire life. I still remember the cold, harsh weather and dark... Continue Reading →

my best friend



This is my best friend. Her name is Emily Pham. I met her in eight grade when she came to my school for a track tournament. When I met her, I never would have thought she would become one of the most important people in my life. It’s funny how people can come into your life and change it forever. I know that people have life-long relationships and they might consider the amount of time spent together to be the most important but that doesn’t apply to Emily and I. I have only known her for 3 years but it feels like we have been together for our whole lives. Not many people have the kind of relationship that we do. We have unconditional love and support for one another. I know that she is always going to be by my side. No matter what, I will have her back…

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Makeover with Phybie Le

  Makeup is so hard for me. I just can't seem to draw a simple straight line across my eyelids and choose eye shadows that would not make me look as if I had a black eye. Last week my... Continue Reading →

Mud Run

My experience on this Mud Run was 10/10. Although I injured both of my legs and was so frightened of heights, I was able to face my fears. During this Mud Run, I went with my taekwondo friends and each... Continue Reading →

Three Day Weekend Vacation

I love three day weekends for a myriad of reasons. The feeling of waiting for that one day of no school. Although there is only one extra day of no school, with this one day can change our lives tremendously. Three day... Continue Reading →

Remember the Veterans

This Friday, November 11, is the day where we celebrate Veteran's Day. This day is designated for those who have fought for our freedom, rights, and liberties. Although some have passed away, we should cherish those who are still alive... Continue Reading →

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